GABS ( Franco Gabbrielli ) GABSILLE

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli presents GABSILLE

the passe-partour bag in limited edition

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli presents GABSILLE, the new shopper in limited edition in just 1000 pieces, hand-numered one by one.

One shopper, two souls: ย one side tells of eclectic world of tattoos, geometric designs, trips around the world, colorful candy wrappers. The other side isย totally blue, emphasizing the simple and structured design. Total Made in italy 100%!
GABS ??? Luksuzne torbe 100% proizvedene u italiji !!!
Torbe koje priฤaju milijun jezika,ovaj put Gabs Franco Gabbrielli predstavlja GABSILLE u ograniฤenom izdanju u samo 1000 komada koje su izradjene po broju od 1 do 1000 !!!
Jedna kupac ,dvije duลกe ; jedna strana je u elektriฤnom svijetu tetovaลพa,geometriski dizajn,put oko svijeta…Druga strana je potpuno plava , s naglaskom na jednostavan i strukturirani dizajn.
Pittiย  Immagine Uomo 2015
Pitti Immagine Uomo 2015
Pitti Immagine Uomo 2015
Moj odlazak na Dolce&Gabbana event Milano… Torba GABS (smedja-koลพa)
Blogger: Josip Grabovac
Art&photos:Lorenzo Cecchinelli
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