Brend o kojem se priča od Italije pa daleko u svijet, brend koji je jako važan i utjecajan na svjetskom tržištu, nakon event (partya) na kojem sam sudjelovao koji se održavao na Pitti Uomo 88 2015 dobio sam priliku za suradnju ni manje ni više nego upravo sa ovim ZLATNIM  brendom ANTONY MORATO !!!

Slikovni rezultat za ANTONY MORATO             Slikovni rezultat za ANTONY MORATO

After Barcelona, London, Lisabon ,Marseilles and Naples the Antony Morato message reaches New York.

The campaign “Places” comes from the will of the describing an Italijan  and urban man, a voyager according to nature, curious and in search of the world. He speaks through  the cities that have influenced the brand most, metropolis even before cities where cultures meet, melt and give birth to new trends.

Places is even something more, it is a new and unsual way of seeing the city. The new champaign discovers an unexpected New York, leaving the postcard images on the background and revealing new sites; the Roosevelt Memorial in Brooklyn, the carnival in Coney Island in the morning before opening, the Penthouse in.

The Rivington Hotel in Lower East Side all of them immortalized in a nearly geometrical and essential picture.

A setting which is living and essential at the same time and brings out the clothes of the new Fall/Winter 15/16, once again throught the shooting of Tony Thorimbert.

Prikaz datoteke adv_morato_groupage.jpg

The world of men’s fashion has dramatically changed in the last years.
There is a new man who desides abouth the market and the Antony Morato collection,once again in the response to this evolution.

It is a man paying attention to fashion, who tells abouth himself through his style in every moment of the day. Only a few years ago this man represented a minority but through the years he has become a more and more important part of our society.

As for the research developed together with Demoskopea, it is a man who goes beyond the historical myth of the man’s fashion; practicality and yoins the search of a personal style to represent his own, unique way of life.

Like women do, this man buys with increasing expertise, with curiosity, will and courage to experience, to distinguish himself even only through details.

He chooses and hunts for what is representing him, walking in the shooping spots or even on line, enjoying the search and later the purchase.

He look for answers, not only in the casualwear or in the formal tradition, but, expert and curious, he is attracted by the Contemporary Fashion universe, by the details of a cloth, by something special distinguishing his look in the different moments of his life, at work as in his spare time with his friends.

He is capable of matching a jacket with revers with a super stonewashed denim or wearnig a joggy pant for an aperitif in town.

Antony Morato meets this man by proposing three different labels having three different inspirations, which choose an eclectic but clear look for the Spring Summer 2016.

Prikaz datoteke _DSC6182_web.jpg

Prikaz datoteke adv_morato_rooftop.jpg

The Black label, fashion core of the collection, portrays the search in materials and fabrics and proposes for this season metallic  inserts, relieves and  rubberized fabrics for a biker-army look.

The Gold label, denim and urban spirit of the brand, reinterprets for this accasion the historical motorcyclist suit in an “ethno-racing” way and brings us in the Paris-Dakar universe.

The Silver label is a sporty-chic trend, where fashion and sport play as accomplices in the everyday life and becomes a veritable way of life for many men. In the next Spring Summer the proposal recalls the patterns and the colors of the Mondrian painting.

Pitti Uomo 2015

Event Pitti Uomo 2015

Event Pitti Uomo 2015

Event Pitti Uomo 2015

Event Pitti Uomo 2015


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