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Moj novi brend sa kojim sam se susreo na Pitti Uomo88 2015, pun boja,mode,stila….naravno ostvarujem uspješnu suradnju 🙂

Shockly je brend koji je inspiriran drevnim tradicijama,koji uspješno transformira svoje kreacije u sve moguće boje pune emocija …kao i sa svojom orginalnošću i strasti donosi svoj vlastiti stil koji se ističe kako sam i rekao sa bojama a posebno sa svojom zaštitnom  florescentno žutom bojom…

Brend je nastao 2010. godine koji sa svojim osebujnim karakteristikama odmah se razvio na svim važnim  dogadjajima kao što je Pitti Immagine u Firenci gdje smo se i susreli/upoznali.

Svaki model jakna/traperice su sa dva lica u različitim bojama.

Sigari, is the company that created the brand Shockly, a present reality for over 40 years in the world textile production

The company has always worked as a producer for large retailers, always and only for major Italian and international fashion brands, until he formed and gave rise to the first mark and then to mark Dimattia Shockly.

Shockly is a brand created in 2010 by Sigari, which by its peculiar characteristics immediately was able to attend the most important trade event dedicated to men: Pitti Immagine in Florence.

Shockly since season one has been able to establish itself in the market due to the very important elements that have always distinguished him in the commercial development along with the qualification of the role of the brand in the market, certainly based on a strategic integration of the total look.

A distinctive feature of the company is that Sigari is first of all a family. The footprint of Perenzin 2 brothers, Franceso and Paolo is to create a team within the company, ready to interact and deal with new goals. This genesis has led on the one hand that the company has developed in the image and likeness of Perenzin, people from the solid character, tough, active and on the other you have ever considered fundamental personal relationships. The link between the people who work in Sigari, and especially the relationship that you create between them and the Company, constitutes an added value that actually occurs in the ability to produce something more than just clothing.

Risultati immagini per

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