DSQUARED2 fall/winter 2017-2018

Braća DSQUARED 2 sa ovom kolekcijom su dokazali svoju profesionalnost 👉 uvijek se treba igrati  bojama i sa više različitih komada odjeće u jednom outfit-u ✌

BOJA: plava , crna , zelena , kesten , azuro,žuta,narančasta,siva .

MATERIJAL : traper, tkanina , krzno ,vuna .

Twins DSQUARED 2 with this collection proved their professional side 👉 you must always play with colors and with many different pieces of clothing in one outfit in ✌

COLOR:blue, black, green, maroon, azure, yellow, orange, gray.

denim, cloth, fur, shearling, woolwp-1488408929130.jpgwp-1488408929132.jpgwp-1488408979810.jpgwp-1488409014789.jpgwp-1488408959976.jpgwp-1488408959985.jpgwp-1488408959984.jpgwp-1488408997662.jpgwp-1488408997663.jpgwp-1488409014788.jpgwp-1488409059578.jpgwp-1488409038129.jpgwp-1488409038133.jpg

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