My dear friends around the world who are following my work and blogging  ❤- I know that I’m late with the announcement that I should publish before 1 month📡🏃‍♂️🙈🤦‍♂️ I’m sorry, but last month I traveled a lot 👉 Florence Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. I hope you will not understand anything seriously and understand my work which was always like this in that period of fashion 😊🌍

So , we can START 🚀  Yes, after three years of work out of my country I made a lot of things in the world of fashion so I was directly selected to receive the award for the first Croatian professional blogger MY GLOBAL FASHION AWARD.  This is something that happens once and after that you have to be better and more successful 🌍👌👏 I will try to be even better and better and I want to again receive this confession in my country and prove that they were right ✌✌✌ An incredible experience !!! I dont want to write a lot –  the photos speak 100 languages😚
In the end I have to write the main and responsible agency that has organized all are SPLIT VIP AGENCY  – ps :  below some of the information you may need if you decide to go to Croatia 🇭🇷 


Our experience is huge and longlasting. We employ experts coming from various industry branches: tourism, hotel management, economy, marine activities, gastronomy, culture, showbiz and other service activities.


We are inspired by the life itself. Inspiration comes from the nature and its phenomenons or humans and their behaviors. Doesn’t matter. We are motivated, agile, eager and ready to please you


The quality of our services is of paramount importance. Every challenge is an opportunity to be better and one step closer to a perfection. That’s why we are lifting standards with every past minute. Even now while you read this.

More info : 


Zadarska 4, City of Split
HR-21000 Split, Croatia
+385 91 634 0002

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