Alberto Zambelli – Milan Fashion Week S/S 2019

All start from the principle, from a pure and unspoilt nature that is worked and polished until it becomes marble, so perfect to reflect light in material reverberations. Each dress acquires a primigenial, new, white purity celebrating in all the shades this color that changes and mutates, never the same as in the works of Antonio Canova.

The anatomies are perfect and the gestures measured as if we are in front of neoclassical statues. Shapes and the volumes so untied by the presence of color develop free and the distilled white enhances every movement.

Sartoriality emerges in all its strength and gives life to elabora- ted structures that do not build rigid architectures but that, at every footstep, give a soul to the dress.

Everything seems to announce something, and each element is charged with expectation. We are in the instant before a kiss in which everything is charged with new energy. Even the white seems to be invested with a supernatural role and is filled with silvery glares similar to those emanated from the moon.

Colors: Chalk – Whitewash – Rock – Lunar Forms: Tunic – Kimono – Egg
Lengths: Mini – Midi – Maxi

Materials: Silk – Cotton – Lattex – Shi on Silk – Plissรฉ double – Liquid Viscose – Tecnosilver

Accessories: Kidassia – Latex stockings – Samurai shoes – Necklaces and earring with marble spheres





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