PRADA/ MFW SS19 – 20 Years of PRADA

Look backward to Pradaโ€™s past 20 years of fashion shows and youโ€™ll see that among her favorite colorsโ€”a long list, from margarine yellow to electric chartreuse to the brandโ€™s custom dusty egg blueโ€”are always black and a wide range of browns.ย Todayโ€™s Spring 2019 womenswear showย opened with a black satin turtleneck and milk chocolateโ€“colored Bermuda shorts. The Resort 2019 show began similarly, with Julia Nobis in a short-sleeved turtleneck and a long, sheer chestnut skirt.

But long before 2018, the designer was proposing russet and black cocktail frocks with a โ€™40s spin for Fall 2016, wrinkled Mediterranean bralettes and pencil skirts in umber and black for Spring 2009, and textured skirtsuits in a golden caramel and black for Fall 2007. Itโ€™s so pervasive a combo that Pradaโ€™s earliest shows in the โ€™90s featured whole passes in brown and black, sometimes together, sometimes not.


00170fullscreen.jpg_ON_0058.1366x2048.jpg01-prada-archive.jpgprada spring 2014 men.jpg_MON0019.jpg_MON0123.jpg_MON0209.jpgprada fall 2017.jpgprada spring 2018.jpg

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