ANDREW MACKENZIE – Milan Fashion Week 2019/20

ANDREW MACKENZIE Menโ€™s collection Autumn-Winter 2019/20

[12th January, Milan] Andrew Mackenzie makes a comeback to Milan after a 10-year hiatus. The show featured the theme called โ€˜Incrusted Indulgenceโ€™.


We have all been framed. Film is confined by the screen. Drama shall be performed on the stage. Novel is limited to words, phrases and sentences. Poetry, its rhythm and phonology sets it apart from normal speech. Only the human minds are infinite. Andrew Mackenzie presents the new 2019 Autumn-Winter Collection for Men with plaid fabrics that represent a variety of conscious frames and twisted variations of the checkerboard pattern to show how hard it is to change peopleโ€™s perceptions. The show presents a โ€œDark – Bright – Vagueโ€ trio, guides viewers to break through the cage of existing cognitions and monotonous black and white. Although the Red and the Black belongs to two incompatible worlds, our mind is not solidified hardware and may evolve into something bigger and new. Interspersed and spliced, broken and reorganized, our minds continue to grow into organic matters. Andrew worked with existing limitations, and at the same time explored the momentum that breaks through limitations. Therein, he reached the unification of limits.


This is Andrew, who have always been the demolisher of tediousness. Behind all his exquisite craftsmanship remains a powerful metaphor, as it is written in Keatsโ€™s poem, the late autumn lake, the dry reeds, the silent birds, the knight and the withered flowers, Andrew asked the knights: “O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms. Alone and palely loitering?”

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