Africa is what we want it to be.
She worships beauty through her culture, memories, colors, sounds, smells, spices, saudade, sunsets…
Winter in Africa is anything but typical. Rain and cold give way to warmer, drier days in which the sun never seems to set. The Miguel Vieira man celebrates just this.
Get the shirt off and leave the skin. The rigidity takes a more relaxed form and the Miguel Vieira man shows another side of his personality. For him dressing is an art form in which, sometimes, all he needs is simple suit.
Thick and structured fabrics lead to lighter and fresher materials, like blank canvases where a celebration to culture and innovation is stamped. Geometric elements resemble ethnic prints, and the blue of the sky and beige of the sand colors are the base for other colors that, together, tell us a story.
A winter spent in Africa set in the most vibrant cosmopolitan cities where stories and traditions are passed on to the culture of the 21st century, renewing the freedom to dress of a modern man who never forgets the Africa that surrounds him with a view to a horizon which seems to have no end.

Tan; orange ochre; curry; sky blue; tobacco brown; and navy blue.
Slim but informal, and with strategically placed volumes.
Bombazine; velvet, printed velvet, and vinyl velvet; fur; printed sequins; and quilted fabrics.
Studio developed prints.
Mountain boots and high-top sock sneakers; leather shopper bags, bags and belts; eyeglasses; and
custom necklaces.


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