Belgrade fashion week 2019

The colors of creativity.

At Belgrade fashion week, Perwoll fashion week, color was a great protagonist! A fashion with an international style, with many innovations of models and materials.


Photo : Nikola Andjic

I have just been to the Belgrade fashion shows and I must say that I was very impressed by the creativity expressed by all the designers. A great propositivity and study behind each collection.

andrejd3x 3vece-142.JPG


First of all an impeccable organization directed by his CEO and founder Nenad Radujevic, with locations able to match the most important fashion shows. Belgrade fashion week is at its 45th edition and let’s say, every year is always more beautiful. Belgrade is a modern and dynamic city, feverish and very attentive to current trends.
The opening was dedicated to the actress who died last year Milena Dravic, an icon of style and elegance with eighteen stylists who revived her high artistic personality with wonderful clothes.


Photoย  :

Elegance and glamour were the queens of the evenings. The quality of the events is growing and there are many events that are always very interesting.

Serbian designers have brought new concepts, sometimes interpreting the tradition in a modern key, but above all it has surprised, in this collections, the great research of materials and innovation, a high quality of handmade manufacturing. A very operational core and an industry that is growing fast and establishing itself beyond the borders.

For each of these stylists, I could write a lot, more of 30 events and 60 designers and international brand showed their creations, I chose three that according to my point of view have interpreted modernity distinguishing itself with a very personal style.

Gala Boroviฤ‡ is pure creativity, every dress is a moodboard, she thinks of her clothes as works of art, materials with an extraordinary use of color. A clever mix of elements that put together unique masterpieces of tailoring. They are not simple clothes but stories that intertwine, creating a fresco of sensations and balances. The combinations of materials and frills, his clothes were modern paintings in movement. apparently messy but overall harmonic and traditionally innovative.


Photoย  : Djordje Tomic

Budislava Kekovic, told the mysterious night, playing with blue clouds of toulles and blacks in the background. Its opulent and seductive elegance, precious as the queens of the night. Fatal women, capable of bewitching. In this capsule, you can feel all the luxury of 80s fashion, with a metrochic cut and topical solutions. A feminine woman but with a character, black and blue, very precious.
A very defined and international style, which allows us to glimpse without ever revealing.


Photoย  : Djordje Tomic

Teodora Pasalic surprises with a sports collection designed to enhance the body and beauty, dedicated to the heroes of the future. Geometrism of the lines that design the profiles and neon colors that segment the clothes with big leaps. Conceptual, futurist, imbued with Manga culture, it is an expression of research, both of technical materials and of sculptural cuts. The dress becomes armor, uniform, character, emanates elegance and functionality, but above all personality.


Photo : Djordje Tomic

I would like to mention in particular Vesna Kracanovic, Aleksandra Lalic, Jasmina Vujovic, SestreS, Ana Ljubinkovic and Sonja Jocic. Some of these designers distribute their creations in the Belgrade Design Destrict, in the Belgrade Design Hub or in temporary shops during Belgrade Fashion Week in the beautiful Rajiceva shopping center.

What is very positive is that in this fashion week, we saw a wind of novelty and ideas that international fashion must take into consideration. So much development to work in this sector that is a new reality and a stimulus for young people to do. Serbian designers focus on communicating concepts, they are free and fresh, and I think that for any journalist or buyer they represent an interesting inspirations to communicate and follow.


Thank you for having me as a guest, thanks to all the media, journalists, magazines, television , photographers new friends in Belgrade โค

Till next timeย  GLAS MODE โค๐ŸŒ


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