The “Best International Blogger” DUBAI 2019 Vie Fashion Week

The Vie Fashion Week fashion shows have ended in Dubai. It was a very interesting experience where I saw new and original ideas.


This year, another surprise has arrived! The “Best International Blogger” award was given to me by the Vie International Awards 2019 for my blog, My blog is growing and increasingly an observatory of the fashion world of various countries ❤🌍🥇


It is always an honor to receive an award because it confirms your effort and encourages you to work in the right direction.


This year for me it was an important emotion because in addition to this award, I was included into the selection of the Vecernij List, the most important newspaper in Eastern Europe, as a character of the year, and Elle magazine dedicated a great section to me praising my style and my work.

The Vie Fashion Week (VFW) with the Vie International Awards (VIA), were born to unite the world of fashion on a single catwalk, with collections of international designers from around the world.


Behind, there is an important goal. To think about the fusion of different indigenous and international cultures without differences and discrimination.

I was invited to participate in this edition personally and I accepted the invitation with enthusiasm, eager to learn about the work of these extraordinary designers.

The event was impeccable, well organized and with very scenic installations. All the designers were interesting, and presented innovative, elegant connections which contained irony and important social messages.

Many veils fall and Vie Fashion Week reveals a new aesthetic.

This fashion surprises with a less sensationalist taste. In line with the direction of international fashion and a sign of a changing world, it becomes social expression and a connection between cultures.

Luxurious yes, but polite, sober, part of a reduction in splendor and perhaps also of the desire for understatement that returns on all the catwalks.

Among the designers I was particularly impressed by Stefan Djokovich Couture, a refined and elegant Serbian designer with precious fabrics and embroidery. His creations seem to come from an enchanted fairy tale. After Dubai , he will also present in Milan in the next fashion shows.


In Dubai, I saw a new reality and how this culture is building its aesthetic identity while respecting their traditions. The language of luxury is spoken in Dubai, but tends to take on a more European and more minimalist style and the new designers open up to a global aesthetic language.

Dubai is a fascinating, futuristic and welcoming city, where technological progress is deeply felt. The hotels are splendid.


I recommend everyone to visit it, because it deserves and offers many itineraries for visits, shopping and relaxation.

I was a guest on the beautiful NIKKI beach for a day of relaxation and really enjoyable fun.


In the following month, after the long-awaited holidays with my daughter Sara, I will be the guest ambassador for the Ultra Europe Music Festival, an event that sees the most important DJs in the world perform in front of thousands of people. Then a testimonial for a MotorYach line, and Talyoni lab, a cosmetics brand of the L’Oreal group, and then the usual fashion tour which starts again in September with the fashion week in Milan, London and Paris. And then who knows? Maybe a reality show.



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