Milan, 23rd September 2019- Diego Dossola and Viola Baragiola, the Milanese couple of Ultrร chic, are on the catwalk in Milan during the Milano Fashion Week, as an emerging brand supported by the Camera Nazionale della Moda.

look-46-diego dossola1689334822847505235..jpg

For the SS 20 collection, the designer has been inspired by the flavours of the kaleidoscopic 1970s on dresses with volumes that remind us of the 1990sโ€™ style for a totally urban look, but which at one and the same time is absolutely sexy.
This is how the colourful, fun, elegant and refined Ultrร chic collection comes into being, a journey that takes us to discover unique and very colourful prints.


There are three macro themes in the collection: Flower Power, Space/Galaxy and Postcards.

Flower Power: a hymn to the joyfulness, colour, liveliness and irony that have always distinguished the brand, thanks to pieces made with summery puffed sleeves, printed flowers, rainbows applied on knitwear, bell-bottoms and checked jackets.


Space/Galaxy: An ironic outer space where, as well as the planets, stars and astronauts, old cars, fridges and radioactive waste can be glimpsed, printed on long silk dresses and full skirts that create a super elegant look but with a strong social message. That of social pollution.

Postcards: Dresses with a colourful print that reproduces advertising posters of our loveliest cities: it is colourful, unexpected and very elegant.


Plain-coloured jackets, trousers and shirts are enhanced by full puffed sleeves and by bell-bottoms worn with shoes with an oversized 1980sโ€™ style buckle.
The knitwear, made from fine materials such as cashmere and jacquards, is mixed with colourful skirts โ€“ which have always been the iconic piece of the brand. The dresses, with ironic patterns, define the soul of this collection with a strong personality, creating an urban but elegant look. Ruches, applications, prints and lace are some of the elements that stand out on jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts and shorts. The colour palette ranges from pastel shades for the lace dresses to violet, red, green, yellow and blue both for pieces that mix these colours and for the plain-coloured pieces.
Ultrร chic will present the SS20 collection at the SALA DELLE CARIATIDI, a historical location decorated with neoclassical elements inside Palazzo Reale, venue of countless events.


About Ultrร chic
Ultrร chic was founded in 2007 by the creative genius of Diego Dossola and the entrepreneurial skills of Viola Baragiola.
A brand strongly connoted by artistic, ironic and irreverent contents, in its collections it mixes a touch of romanticism and light heartedness, alongside attentive research on noble fabrics such as silk, viscose, cotton, cashmere and innovative materials, exclusively Made in Italy, enriched by prints that are always new and unique, fil coupรฉ jacquard and embroidery.
Each collection offers a different theme, in a continuous journey through the society and culture of our time.
Ultrร chic aims to unite, in a perfectly balanced contrast, the sophistication of hyper-feminine and classic cuts of a womanโ€™s wardrobe, with absolutely singular, whimsical and irreverent prints, to portray a woman who is sure of herself and her personality, decidedly independent and contemporary, but also able not to take herself too seriously, aiming at amazing with her originality.
Ultrร  therefore, for a fashion which is almost anything but understated, which attracts attention and likes to make an impression on observers, and chic, at times in decidedly classic good taste, for an absolutely diversified complete wardrobe, of extreme variety in shapes and prints.




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