Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

The National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana CNMI) promotes young talent,

And an ecological world without inequalities.



Three years have passed since I started this collaboration with the CNMI through my blog GLASMODE. Accreditation process was long, because the association must evaluate the level of content created to guarantee serious and effective information.My experience has been very positive, at the beginning I was a little in awe of this very important fashion institution, but their staff has always been super welcoming, guiding me and always push me towards improving my relationships.

But let’s understand who The National Chamber of Italian Fashion is and what it does and why it is so important in the international fashion scene.The National Chamber of Italian Fashion is a non-profit association that disciplines, coordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion. It represents the highest cultural values of Italian fashion and aims to protect, coordinate and enhance its image, both in Italy and abroad. Since its foundation in 1958, over time it has implemented an organizational support policy aimed at the knowledge, promotion and development of fashion through high image events in Italy and abroad. The recent agreements on international calendars that led to the signing of the Italian-French agreement have given Milan and the National Chamber of Italian fashion the role of undisputed protagonist on the international fashion chessboard, also contributing to the consolidation of alliances with London and New York .

From its foundation to today, its role has been fundamental in the development of the Italian fashion sector, always attentive to innovations, it has been an observatory of changes and evolutions and today opens up to cutting-edge projects and to the values of sustainability and enhancement of young talents. [a]

Sustainability is one of the pillars of the strategy of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion which, since 2010, has committed itself to putting it as the founding value of the Italian fashion system. The goal is to rethink the future of the planet and fashion through a path that leads to the achievement of the highest sustainability standards, taking into account production, environmental and social factors. A process in which CNMI involved its associates and operators who represent the supply chain of the entire Italian fashion system. The creation of two important thematic exhibitions (“Crafting the Future. Stories of craftsmanship and innovation” by Franca Sozzani and “Italian. Italy seen from fashion 1971-2001” by Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi), both aimed at enhance our history and our traditions, which are added to the two editions of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italy. An event entirely built on the values of sustainability.

An important social project is the Manifesto of diversity and inclusion which, with its 10 principles, aims to guarantee the recognition and respect of different life experiences and the denunciation of all social discrimination that support the privilege of some and the disadvantage of others. An important point will be the creation of a protective environment in order to guarantee well-being and equal career opportunities, in order to stimulate a significant cultural change in the fashion sector.

The digitalization and enhancement of young talents represent two important guidelines to which the Association is working with concrete projects. First object is to underline the value of young Italian and international talents and actively work to train a new generation of stylists and support their inclusion in the fashion system. Three different work tables, led and coordinated by CNMI, are active in the development of events and projects.

The MFWReporter competition project is part of this trend, an initiative in collaboration with Mastercard dedicated to young social media talents in documenting and narrating fashion in an innovative and digital way. Certainly for us young digital content developers, having the opportunity in Milan to do co-working in the offices, relate, compare, creating working groups and exchange of information and very stimulating and progressive, we can be present at events and document great fashion show but also all the excellent companies that produce many collateral events besides the fashion shows. Having integrated our point of view in addition to classic journalism, helps to communicate fashion more closely and in a more direct way to the digital public, a very interesting revolution that changes many perspectives of a closed fashion and evolves towards more open concepts and young people.


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