ICS HOUSE : a place to feel like at home / Milan

Milan is the global capital of fashion and design and itโ€™s a perfect holiday destination. Probably, no other city in the world has been able to redesign its skyline and redefine its profile in such a short time, presenting itself to the eyes of its inhabitants and tourists as a new, constantly evolving centre. A place that the great Ernest Hemingway, in a letter to his mother, defined as the โ€œmost modern and lively city in Europeโ€.

Milan is full of discreet, unostentatious elegance,whereby beauty is earmarked for those able to appreciate it.
Youโ€™ll get the chance to explore some beautiful historical sightseeing locations around the city.

Of course, everyone wants something a little different on their holiday, but luckily Milan can cater to every taste, with areas all over Milan that offer completely different experiences for a diverse range of travellers
I receive a lot of enquiries from people asking for advice because they are having difficulty finding the best place to stay in Milan, I have no doubts whatsoever about that: ICS HOUSE.

They have the best options to fit everyone’s desire with a great host team very communicative!

ICS HOUSE is ready to welcome you and assist you for the duration of your stay thanks to the best Hosts in the City.ICS HOUSE is ready to welcome you in its new and bright apartments of refined design and complete with all possible amenities to make your stay special and pleasant. The experience of being able to “live a dream”. When Iโ€™m in Milan, I now feel at home thanks to ICS HOUSE.

For more information, feel free to visit http://www.ics.house.

Josip Grabovac.


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