Santa Lucia Heritage Hotel

Heritage hotel Santa Lucia …

I finally decided to write something about hotel where I was this summer . For me personally , it’s a fairy tale that you have to experience !

Heritage hotel Santa Lucia, previously knowned as hotel Central is situated in the southeastern part
of Pjaca, the most beautiful square in Split. Pjaca, aslo known as Peopleโ€™s Square has been the urban
and the functional centre of the old city core since the 1770โ€™s, when the very first coffee shop was
opened. The coffee shop later became the hotel: both were the centre of the political, the social and
the cultural life of the city in the 19thand in the first half of the 20th centuries. The names and the
owners of both the coffee shop and the hotel constantly changed.

The hotel expanded to the surrounding buildings, thus having become both the example of a multi-volume structure and aunique blend of a variety of styles. At the dawn of the 21st century, the Central hotel who wasawarded with golden medal in Lieg in 1927. for comfort and inetreieur, was deleted from the tourist map of the city of Split. The coffee shop remained, but younger generations are unaware of the important role that it once played in the cultural history of the city.

This statue of culture and architecture, opened its doors to the dear guests in April 2021. With 35
luxuriously decorated rooms equipped with the best fabrics, amenities and technical equipment
represents the great asset to the historic center of UNESCO heritage protected town of Split.

I asked them / They answered ;

We offer to our guests the most amazing experience!

Whether we are talking about indulging yourself with a stay in one of our beautiful rooms;

breakfast in Secret Garden, fine dining dinner on the La Luce terrace overlooking the roofs of the old town, islands and the tower bell of Saint Dominus surrounded by olive trees or just having an artisan cake with UNESCO protected Fabia coffee in our restaurant with tradition in serving best dishes since 1776., hotel Santa Lucia is THE place to stay while visiting Split.
โ€ฆ storytellers since 1776.


In the end I want to publicly thank the manager of the hotel, Mrs. Nevena Tomaลก ฤŒikeลก, for her incredible hospitality, the best wishes to the entire hotel staff .

Until then , I’m waiting for the summer of 2023!

Josip Grabovac


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