Great expectations for the brand new Yes, I Do: the unmissable trend
book for anticipating trends, and for Precious Bride, the special space created in collaboration with HOMI Fashion&Jewels.

From 14 April 2023 till 17 April, Sรฌ Sposaitalia Collezioni was back in Milan at Allianz MiCo. The expo is an international reference point for the bridal sector. A long weekend that wwas see the participation of the companies that are ambassadors of Italian style and international leading ones alongside insiders and top buyers from every corner of the world. It is
specifically for the latter that the event has become, over time, a fundamental platform for networking and business opportunities so much so that increasingly famous names, attracted by the eventโ€™s offers, are starting to join in Milan, such as the Japanese Sowa Project Ltd, the Greek Karaververis and some of the most famous Korean buyers, present for the first time in Italy.

Indeed, there are many novelties at this event that is increasingly becoming a showcase for the bridal sector and yet an international creative hub that, right from its outset, is highly anticipated. Its format, always more in line with the needs of companies . 200 brands was carefully selected by Sรฌ Sposaitalia Collezioni for the variety and uniqueness of their proposals, which become a guarantee of experience and excellence. Famous names have chosen to continue to be part of a unique exhibition that combines innovation and quality in line with the evolving dynamics of the market, as well as emerging and niche brands, which are being watched closely for the exclusivity of their creations.

The spotlight was Chiara Boni La Petite Robe who, for the first time show her new โ€œWhiteโ€ collection of timeless and versatile elegance dedicated to wedding day, which also have a dedicated area to host the preview of her daily collection and the special installation โ€œLight will dress the futureโ€: the dress created entirely with Dreamlux fabric by Chiara Boni and Alessia Galimberti inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

The participation of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe at Sรฌ SposaItalia Collezioni underlines that synergistic dialogue with the fashion universe that increasingly characterises the event and that it is well visible in the wealth of fashion shows that was bring the 2024 collections of many top companies to the catwalk: Elisabetta Polignano, Mysecret Sposa, Michela Ferriero, Chiara Boni WHITE, Emiliano Bengasi Couturier, Julia Kontogruni, Dovita, Rara Avis, the Global Bridal House, Kigili, Musani Couture, Amelia Casablanca, Andrea Versali , and the collective Made in Sicily and SpainFashion (Higar Novias, Lexus, Tina Valerdi, Alma Couture).

After all, the trends are increasingly being explored by an event that has become a privileged observatory of the bridal universe as it is demonstrated by another initiative that Sรฌ SposaItalia Collezioni has organized to help buyers and sector operators find their way through the latest novelties easily and effectively. The initiative is Yes, I Do the trend book where trends and inspirations have been encapsulated and that showcase the collections at the fair, in a reinterpretation of fashion trends full of multicultural inspiration in the wedding segment. A project born from the mind of Giuliana Parabiago, a fashion and costume
journalist, who has created an overview with a strong practical and strategic value, also thanks to the precious contribution of the protagonists of the event. The book is a practical guide and, at the same time, a collector’s item as its
cover shows, created especially for Sรฌ Sposaitalia Collezioni by the artist of Beauty, Jacopo Ascari.
Still in terms of designer collaborations, the new Precious Bride by HOMI Fashion&Jewels area makes its debut at Sรฌ SposaItalia Collezioni. This areahosts wonderful jewellery collections designed for the bride. It features classics but also contemporary designs to best represent the identity of the modern bride. Among the participating brands are De Liguoro Milano, Swarovski and
Unoaerre Italian Jewellery. A project that renews the synergy between the two events and focuses on accessories, an increasingly important product category in the bridal sector.

Sรฌ SposaItalia Collezioni will also feature presentations, networking and business opportunities that will make its two different areas – Sรฌ Italian touch, Sรฌ Collection – the protagonists. Designed to bring together maisons and brands according to their target audience, they will create that added value that will boost their ability to attract buyers and visitors from all over the world.


Josip Grabovac



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