International Economic Fair Mostar 2o17 – Blog as a new tool in marketing world

International Economic Fair in Mostar was defined as the biggest and most important economic event in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the first time in this region was organized a important workshop about the * BLOG AS A NEW TOOL IN THE MARKETING WORLD * it was a Big and new event ย for me in my country as a professional blogger๐Ÿ‘

I live ย and work in Italy sharing my experience with people who want also explore a wonderful world of fashion .

The organization of this fair was excellent and put this event on a world level and show that Bosnia and Herzegovina really deserves entry into the top of the international economy ๐Ÿ‘

Special feeling, emotions, new friendships and another success for me and ย also for Mostar, and ย Bosnia and Herzegovina.

First of all, I would like to write special thanks to brilliant ย partner who give me support in my career in every moment , the big MPR COMUNICAZIONE INTEGRATA agency ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

MPR was born in 1988, founded by Roberto Rondinelli, with a strong vision oriented to new media and integrated communication. That visionary idea had the aim to send a direct and personal message to the consumer.

Over the years, thanks to the development of technology and web, this strategy model had the opportunity to grow and become the main way to communicate for many international brands.

MPR now boasts in its staff many experts divided into six business units: Advertising, M.i.c.e, Events, Web Strategy, Research, Production, supporting the brands to express their communicative potential.

Some of the excellent personalities in MPR staff are the Creative Director Lorenzo Cecchinelli and the Events Director Enza Patruno, considered one of the best directors in Italy for beauty shows, fashion, catwalk setting.

MPR is one of the top five companies in Integrated Communication, with an entirely Italian capital, counting in its portfolio market-leading customers as Nivea, Philips, Revlon, Barex, Saeco, Miele, Activision, De Longhi, Canon, Pininfarina, Napkin, San Marino and Republic, Regional Agency for Tuscany promotion and many others.

During the last years Mpr has strongly pursued research and development in web marketing and social strategy, building very effective models for the online brand reputation and digital actions.
The future challenge will be to direct and coordinate bloggers and influencers in networking, in a reversal of marketing strategies.

With the web communication, also the events with high image content had a fast development. Meetings, incentives, congresses and shows: today Mpr creates and produces international events for many brands of cosmetics and fashion, Italian public institutions and important trade fairs.



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