Three years in a row GLASMODE is the witness for incredible Philipp Plein 🙏 I want to introduce you the presentation of a new collection PLEIN – PROJECT XYZ  and a perfect party 🥂



Project XYZ is the active sportswear line of the Philipp Plein brand. Unlike Plein Sport ,which launched as a completely independent entity, Project XYZ is a new , fully integrated part of the Philipp Plein universe and will have its own dedicated area within Philipp Plein stores. It shares the same rock ‘n’roll DNA as Philipp Plein, it used the same punk iconography and is fuelled by the same rebel spirit, but Project XYZ is specifically engineered for performance and designed for function .


Project XYZ is a new proposition in the world of active equipment. From the street to the gym , this is authentic sportswear with attitude and style 👊



GLASMODE  – Josip Grabovac.




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